Video calls with patients

You can offer Patients scheduled and real-time HIPAA-compliant video calls through Capable Health using our native integration with Daily. There is no action needed on your part to turn on the integration — it’s built into our platform.

This guide will walk through different options for integrating video calls into your Patient-facing experience.

Scheduled video calls

The simplest way to display scheduled video calls in your application is to embed Daily Prebuilt, Daily’s out-of-the-box UI component designed to be rendered in an iframe.

To do this, you’ll need to access the Daily URL returned in the location attribute when calling the /appointments/{id} endpoint. Then, you can render it in an iframe wherever you’d like in your app. This URL is generated automatically by Capable for every Appointment.

A step-by-step guide for embedding Daily Prebuilt into your application can be found here.

Real-time video calls

Practitioners can initiate video calls in real time directly from Capable’s Practitioner portal. Video calls are initiated within a conversation in the portal. As soon as a Practitioner starts a call, a direct link to join the call is sent to the Patient via a new message in the conversation.