Specifying patient race + ethnicity

You can specify a Patient’s race and ethnicity in Capable Health using FHIR’s US classification system. The FHIR system includes three levels:

  • Level 1 indicates whether “race” or “ethnicity” is being specified
  • Level 2 is a parent category, such as “Hispanic or Latino” or “Black or African American”
  • Level 3 is a more specific category, such as “Dominican” or “Scottish”

Capable only uses levels 2 and 3 on the Patient, and uses the keys of races and ethnicities to indicate whether race or ethnicity is being specified.

You can currently denote only one race and one ethnicity for each Patient. The race or ethnicity must be specified as an object in the races or ethnicities parameters. You can pass only one of two values in a race or ethnicity object:

  • level_2_display: If you specify level_2_display, it should be a level 2 value from the FHIR classification, e.g., “Hispanic or Latino” or “Black or African American”.
  • level_3_display: If you specify level_3_display, it should be a level 3 value from the FHIR classification, e.g., “Dominican” or “Scottish”.

💡 If you specify a level_3_display value, Capable Health will automatically populate the parent level_2_display value for that Patient. For example, if you pass a level_3_display value of “Apache” in a race object for a Patient, when the Patient object is returned in the response, the race object will also have a level_2_display value, of American Indian or Alaska Native.