Seamless Patient Experience


Capable’s fully white-labeled solution — Capable Care™️ — is a HIPAA-compliant, out-of-the-box member app equipped with everything you need to deliver a full-featured member experience. Without writing a single line of code you can offer members a smooth onboarding experience, seamless payments and scheduling, and an engaging way to track care progress while communicating with their care team.

With Capable Care™️ you can offer your members:

  • Membership subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Insurance billing
  • Chat and SMS messaging
  • Video visits
  • Task and goal tracking
  • Passwordless sign in
  • … and much more!

Don’t want to use one of these features? Reach out to our team to configure your member app with only what you need.

Want even more control? The Capable Care™️ patient app is open-source so you are free to extend your offerings and easily build custom functionality as you grow.

Customer Acquisition and Onboarding

With Capable Care™️ you can build engaging and customized questionnaires designed to guide prospective members to the right care. Plus, you can leverage your branding to create a cohesive customer journey from discovery to conversion to onboarding.

A few things to note before we get into the specifics:

  • Branding: Customize the experience with your brand colors, logo, and messaging.
  • Hosting: You can host your questionnaire with us or embed it directly into your own website for added flexibility.
  • Configuration: While we offer a robust set of options — such as taking a payment or scheduling an appointment — these can be turned on or off depending on your desired member journey.


Offer prospective members a way to get to know your brand and the type of services you provide while also getting to know more about them. Using our powerful questionnaire builder, you can capture the information that is most relevant to your business and helps you engage with your audience most effectively.

What you can customize:

  • Welcome message: You can include a custom welcome entry that will appear on the first page of the survey app.
  • Question and answer choices: This including the order in which questions are asked and if any questions should be skipped based on previous answers.


If a user starts but does not complete the questionnaire, their partial submission will be saved as a draft.

If a user starts but does not complete the questionnaire, their partial submission will be saved as a draft. Should the user return to the questionnaire, they will be given the option to pick up where they left off.


Once a questionnaire is completed, you can customize what the user sees next and even test different flows to optimize conversion. Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Maybe purchase a subscription?

Here’s what you can choose to show:

  • Recommendations: Use Workflows to generate and display recommended products, care plans, tasks or goals based on answers to the questionnaire.
  • Account sign up: Prompt the user to create an account. When a member signs up from your questionnaire, all of their answers will be saved to their profile. Additional customization options here include:
    • Signup form message: After the user has completed the survey and the signup form appears, an entry can be displayed above the signup form.
    • Signup confirmation message: This optional entry will appear after the user completes the signup process. This is a good place to share a link to the member app.
  • Payment: Present the user with an opportunity to pay for a specific product, service, or subscription plan.
  • Appointment booking: Prompt the user to book an appointment. If combined with payment, the user will see the payment section first.


You can turn on one, many, all, or none of these options.

For example, you may want to recommend a specific subscription plan based on a user’s answers, prompt them to sign up for an account, then have them continue to make a payment and book an initial consultation, as illustrated below.


Now that you’ve captured all the relevant information you need about the member to make informed decisions about their care, you can provide a pleasant, personalized onboarding experience.

Their answers to the questionnaire populate their member profile both pre and post sign up — e.g., their name, birth date, gender — and also get saved to a submission associated with their account, enabling your team to get them started on a care plan designed for their needs. This can be done manually from our practitioner portal or automatically using Workflows.

As soon as the patient logs into their member account, they’ll see their personalized care plan as well as any next steps they may need to take as part of the onboarding process.


With Capable Care™️, you can electronically collect billing and insurance information from members during onboarding, either during the questionnaire, as illustrated above, or in the member app.

Out of Pocket


Create recurring subscription plans that auto-charge members at a time interval you've set. Optionally, configure your member app so that members can only gain full access after purchasing a subscription.

What you can customize:

  • Subscription plans: Create one or many subscription plans, each with a custom name, price, description, interval and length. For example, $50 subscription plan billed monthly for 12 months.
  • Free trials: Optionally set a period of time before the first payment is charged.
  • Subscription gating: If you choose to require an active subscription before a member can access the member app, you can customize the content on the landing page.

In-App Purchases

In addition to billing for subscription plans, members can make in-app purchases for individual products and services you offer using a variety of payment solutions.

To do this, you can manually or automatically create a Task that requires payment, configured for a specific product or service.


With Capable Care™️, you can also offer members the option to pay with insurance. Create insurance-specific workflows that can be triggered to send to members questionnaires for electronic completion and submission. View form completion status with real-time tracking of which questionnaires members have completed.


Increase bookings with frictionless self-scheduling while reducing business costs associated with no-shows and scheduling errors. With Capable Care™️, members can self-schedule and manage their appointments using a branded scheduling link or from the app.


With Capable Care™️, you have option to turn on scheduling and cancellation flows in-app, reducing the need for back and forth. Alternatively, you can keep that feature turned off for members and ask that they reach out to your team via chat or SMS to request an appointment.

Once booked, members can see their upcoming and past appointments all in one place.

What you can customize:

  • Appointment types
  • Scheduling limits
  • Hours of availability
  • Provider calendars


Send customized confirmation and reminder communications to members to reduce the number of no-shows and missed appointments. Members may have the option to cancel or reschedule should you want to enable that capability.

What you can customize:

  • Branding
  • Content
  • User-actions, e.g., rescheduling or cancelling
  • Timing

Video Calls

With Capable Care™️, secure video calls are supported out-of-the-box. If an appointment requires a video visit with a provider, members can join the call directly from the app — no additional app download required. Additionally you can start a video call instantaneously during a chat or SMS conversation from the Capable Health Portal.


In addition to appointment scheduling and video visits, both chat and SMS messaging come out-of-the-box with the Capable Care™️ member app. You can choose to offer one, both or neither, depending on your members’ communication preferences.


Members can engage in one or more chat conversations with your care team directly from your member app, enabling your team to deliver care asynchronously and facilitating continuity of care and record keeping. Sharing links and images from the member app is supported, as well.


You can also choose to offer members the ability to communicate via SMS; in this case, members would be engaging in the conversation directly from their phone and not through the member app.

SMS messages are a great to way send welcome messages, reminders, helpful notifications, and more.

Automated Communications

Trigger automated messages — either SMS or chat — via a Workflow based on a user’s action (e.g., a new user signed up) to guide members along their care journey while saving your team time. Visit our Workflows documentation for more detail on how to set up automated communications.