Managing content with a CMS

You can link editorial and media content, such as text and photos, to resource in Capable Health. Many Capable API resources contain a field called CMS Entry , which can be used to link to an entry in Contentful.

Resources with the CMS Entry field include Care Plans, Goals, and Tasks.

Below, we walk through the steps necessary to configure the integration with Contentful and to effortlessly start linking entries to resources in Capable.

Set up the integration with Contentful

First, you’ll need to create an account directly with Contentful. It is highly recommended to create two separate accounts — one for testing purposes and one as your production environment.

Add your Contentful credentials to Capable

To create the integration between Contentful and Capable Health, you first need to generate API credentials from your Contentful admin portal. In your Contentful portal, navigate to Settings → API keys.

On the Content delivery / preview tokens tab, click “Add API key”.

Then, go to the Capable Health admin portal, to the Integrations page, and enter the Contentful Space ID and Content Delivery API token you just generated.

Space ID = Space ID
Delivery token = Content Delivery API - access token

Link Contentful entries to Capable resources

To link a Contentful entry to a Capable resource, first navigate to the resource in your Capable portal. Next, click “Edit” and select the “CMS Entry” field.


Once selected, you’ll notice a preview of the Contentful entry below. If you need to make an edit to the entry in Contentful, you can access it directly from the preview.

Using Contentful with the Capable Health white-label apps

When a Capable resource has a Contentful entry associated with it, the Capable white-label apps will display the content from the Contentful entry instead of the name and description present in the Capable portal.

Create a content type

Before you start creating entries, you’ll need to create a content type in Contentful that includes specific fields for use in the Capable white-label apps.

Go to “Content Model” and create a new content type called “Capable Entry.” Add the fields listed in the table below.

Create content

Once you have created the “Capable Entry” Content Model specified above, you’re ready to start creating content.

In Contentful, content is organized into “entries”. To add an entry, navigate to the Content page in your Contentful portal. Click “Add Entry” and select “Capable Entry” in the dropdown.

Once you have created your content, you can link it to Capable resources to display in the member app using the steps outlined above.

Where Contentful entries can be used in the survey app

There are additional places in the white-label survey app that Contentful entries can be used to customize text. To link an entry to one of these places, please reach out to our team.

  • Welcome message: You can include a custom welcome entry that will appear on the first page of the survey app.
  • Signup form message: After the user has completed the survey and the signup form appears, an entry can be displayed above the signup form.
  • Signup confirmation message: This optional entry will appear after the user completes the signup process. This is a good place to share a link to the member app.