The basics

What is Capable Health?

Capable Health provides engaging, patient-centered behavioral change as a service. Chronic care providers (or in fact any provider that has the notion of a care plan) can use our API to spin up patient apps with less engineering effort. Capable empowers your engineering and product teams to focus on the implementation of your care model and patient-facing experience, leaving the back-end, data architecture, and compliance to us.

The below diagram outlines the interaction between our API and your patient app. We also provide a practitioner interface for performing patient admin, viewing patient charts, and attaching goals, tasks and to-dos to a patient.

Basic principles


Expect responses in JSON. The API expects you to supply POST request bodies as JSON too. You can supply parameters to requests as form-encoded parameters for simple requests, but it’s not recommended.

URL parameters for GET requests are fine.

Dates and timestamps conform to ISO 8601.

Keys are snake_case.

It’s RESTful

Where it makes sense, expect to see Create, Read, Update and Delete methods in a broadly RESTful structure.

URLs are snake_case.


You should not make any HTTP requests.

Sandbox & live environments

You can develop and test against our sandbox environment, which has separate credentials from your live environment. Links throughout this documentation and the API specification will point to the sandbox environment.

What’s Next