Efficient Clinical Operations

Overview: Our Philosophy on Clinical and Revenue Integrations

At Capable Health, our clinical integrations allow you to treat patients with best-in-class services while saving your development and clinical teams time and resources.

Our philosophy is that your care model and ideal vendor partners may change over time, so we offer multiple options for laboratory, prescribing and payment solutions. This reduces the overhead of expanding your practice to new services or transitioning off of a vendor that no longer satisfies your care objectives. We have a variety of out-of-the-box integrations that you can select from in the clinical operations space and are adding new ones each month!

Leave the technical setup of integrating across vendors to us — connecting with a lab or pharmacy partner will be just a click away. Let us make sure the right systems know when orders are placed and results are ready. Our partners will even update you and your patient’s profile regarding shipment statuses.

Your clinical team will have up-to-date information available and be able to view shipments and results as they are available. In addition, you can automatically add lab results to a longitudinal data set associated with a patient so that care teams can easily view changes in a patient over time using a chart or graph.

Because Capable sends webhooks whenever a practitioner places an order or a vendor responds with a status update or results, you can notify patients and practitioners of updates from the Capable system or any connected CRM.

Clinical Integrations

Depending on your care team structure, you could take advantage of our doctor network integrations by accessing doctors who can prescribe medications for your patients. Should you have a certified medical professional on your team, you can then prescribe from Capable’s portal directly.

Additionally, our pharmacy partners provide you with the choice to ship medication orders to patient’s preferred address or picked-up from a local pharmacy.

Did we mention ordering saliva, blood, urine and stool sample type lab tests is as an easy and efficient task when it’s powered by Capable’s lab test logistics partners?

Regardless of the partner, all events and updates flow back into Capable and you are able to follow orders’ progress and support your patients at any moment with the lates information on their order.

Prescribe medications

When your team is armed with in-house expertise and can prescribe medications in the states your patients live, you can rest assured it will be a smooth and easy task from our patient portal. Our partners at Photon Health enable you to send e-prescriptions to a large network of pharmacies supporting both home delivery and local pharmacy pick-up.


Placed or draft orders are available on the patient chart under Product and Services tab.

In case your team needs some boosting powers and doctors on demand, our integration with MD Integrations has you covered. Prescribed and over the counter medications can be sent conveniently to your patient’s home with Curexa Pharmacy which works with various shipping carriers. Should you prefer to offer a doctor consultation without prescribing medication, you simply create an encounter in Capable’s portal on the behalf of your patients.

More detailed information on how to create accounts with MDI and Curexa and set them up in Capable is available in our technical documentation. Below, we’ll walk you through the high level steps.

Setting Up Your Integrations

Step 1: We introduce you to the partner who can support you best.

Step 2: You sing the needed legal agreements with them and review and finalize the product and service offerings for your patients.

Step 3: They provide you with API credentials for test and production environments.

Step 4: You enter the credentials in the respective integration per environment to set up.

Step 5: You can add the products in your Capable catalog.

Step 6: You can start prescribing.

Order laboratory tests

At Capable, you can choose from multiple lab test logistics providers which offer a wide range of at-home blood, saliva and urine tests.