Coupons + promo codes

Promo codes can be used with both Subscriptions and Orders. Follow these steps to use promo codes:

  1. Create a coupon on the Stripe dashboard, in the “Products” section. A coupon represents a percentage or fixed-amount discount — you can choose one or the other option when creating the coupon.
  2. When creating the coupon, you can also create one or more promo codes for it. A promo code represents a customer-redeemable code for a specific coupon.
  3. When calling the POST /orders or POST /subscriptions use the code of the promo code (e.g., SUMMER22) in the promotion_code field to apply that promo code (and its associated coupon).

Stripe coupons and promo codes support features such limited redemptions, product restrictions, recurring discounts for subscriptions, and more.


To use promo codes with Subscriptions, you can read more about our Subscriptions endpoints here and more about discounting Subscriptions here.



Stripe coupons can be restricted to specific Stripe products. This feature is not supported for Orders. This is because, unlike Subscriptions, Orders are created from Capable Health Products rather than from Stripe products.

Validating promo codes

When creating an Order or Subscription with a promo code (e.g., SUMMER22), the promo code may not exist, be inactive, or be incompatible (i.e., does not confer any discount due the restrictions of the promo code).

In the case where the promo code is non-existent or inactive, Capable Health will return an error when trying to create an Order or Subscription. In the case where the promo code is incompatible, no discount will be applied.

To determine the validity and applicability of a promo code, we offer an endpoint that will return information about a specific promo code (e.g., SUMMER22) or return an error if no such promo code is found.