Avatars for patients & practitioners

Avatars are images meant to digitally represent users in your app. Avatars are currently supported on patients and practitioners.

Adding an avatar

A patient or practitioner must first be created and an associated ID for the patient or practitioner returned to you in the response. With this ID, you can associate any PNG or JPEG file with the user by sending the file to the appropriate endpoint:

Calling one of these endpoints will upload the file and attach it to the patient or practitioner. It will return to you the full patient or practitioner object with an avatar_url value now populated, which can be used to load the image. Please note that the avatar_url expires five minutes from the moment you retrieve the patient or practitioner object, for security purposes.

If you wish to change an avatar image, simply submit a new file to the same endpoint and the existing file will be overwritten.


You will not be able to retrieve a previous avatar for a patient or practitioner after it has been overwritten.

The avatar_url attribute is returned any time you retrieve a patient or practitioner, except when calling the index endpoints, /patients or /practitioners — the patient and practitioner objects returned from those endpoints will not contain an avatar_url.