Assigning patients to organizations

Capable Health has a flexible concept of Organizations. One use for the Organizations resource is to store data about where your Patients are employed. You may want to store this data if you offer your app through employers as part of a corporate benefits package.

An Organization must have a name and can optionally have an organization_type and a logo. Below are the available options for the organization_type value, taken from the corresponding FHIR value set:



Healthcare Provider

An organization that provides healthcare services

Hospital Department

A department or ward within a hospital (Generally is not applicable to top level organizations)

Organizational Team

An organizational team is usually a grouping of practitioners that perform a specific function within an organization (which could be a top level organization, or a department)


A political body, often used when including organization records for government bodies such as a Federal Government, State or Local Government

Insurance Company

A company that provides insurance to its subscribers that may include healthcare related policies


A company, charity, or governmental organization, which processes claims and/or issues payments to providers on behalf of patients or groups of patients

Educational Institute

An educational institution that provides education or research facilities

Religious Institution

An organization that is identified as a part of a religious institution.

Clinical Research Sponsor

An organization that is identified as a Pharmaceutical/Clinical Research Sponsor

Community Group

An un-incorporated community group

Non-Healthcare Business or Corporation

An organization that is a registered business or corporation but not identified by other types


Other type of organization not already specified


Unofficial organization_type (not present in the FHIR value set), representing a generic employer

Adding a logo to an Organization

You may want to display an Organization’s logo in your app. You can store an Organization’s logo in Capable Health using the /organizations/{id}/logo endpoint after you create the Organization.

Associating a Patient with one or more Organizations

You can associate a Patient with one or more Organizations using the organization_ids parameter in a PATCH call to the /patients/{id} endpoint, passing the relevant Organization IDs.

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